We build winning, creative partnerships.

What’s in a name? Our three Bs are for Big Bad Brands. Our passion is, and always will be, championing small and medium businesses. We are magnetically drawn to the entrepreneurs behind these brands who we believe are the risk-taking, go-getters changing the world.

B3 Creative Agency seeks to partner with these trail blazers to help them achieve excellence in branding and marketing. Our partnerships are carefully chosen, and extremely loyal.

Core Values

We never say “good enough.” Ever.
We never stop trying to be the best at our craft. We do this by having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and setting mind-blowing expectations for ourselves.
We break rules when it means leaving tradition for innovation.
We do what’s right. Every time, and when no one is looking. We won’t trade our values for anything.
We will always strive to remain transparent in what we do.
We build trusted relationships with our clients. We believe that we are in this together.
We aren’t order takers, we work together to develop solutions.
We treat client investments like we would if it was our own.
We’re proactive, thoughtful, and intentional.
We always seek ways to demonstrate kindness. So be kind—to teammates, clients, and those you meet along the way.
We root for one another.
We help one another.
We cheer on ideas and sometimes challenge them.
We have fun.